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Buddha refers to an awakened person, one who has attained ultimate and perfect understanding of the truth of life and the universe. He has completely understood and is free from any delusion of the noumenon, phenomenon, and function of life and the universe, and of the past, present, and future.

Amitabha means “infinite awakening” in Chinese. “Infinite” refers to the entire Dharma Realm and covers the past, present and future, or time and space in today’s terminology. In time and space, phenomena are infinite and boundless, which can be represented by one term: the noumenon of infinite awakening. He correctly and perfectly understands everything and is awakened, not deluded—this is the meaning of the name Amitabha. Therefore, Amitabha is the noumenon of everything in the universe.

“Amitabha Buddha” is translated as “infinite awakening” in Chinese. Amita means “infinite.” Buddha means “awakening.” “Infinite awakening” means being awakened, not deluded about anything or any phenomenon. Chanting this Buddha-name is to remind us not to forget or be remiss in the teachings of the sutras. Chanting the Buddha-name this way will accrue merit. Otherwise, merely chanting the Buddha-name without being vigilant is useless. It is merely a virtuous verbal activity. One will not attain rebirth in the Western Pure Land.